Only online labs with real experiments and authentic data collection.

Only online labs with student-formulated hypotheses, inquiry, and discovery.

Only online labs with content reading, content writing, and historical perspective.

Now in use by the California State University Los Angeles leading the system-wide Virtual Labs Initiative.

Smart Science® Unit Benefits:

Students learn science as John Dewey described it: the perfecting of knowing. They develop the thinking skills required for advanced science courses along with a Carl Sagan baloney detection kit.

Teachers save preparation and cleanup time while providing safe online hands-on labs that are better than traditional labs.

Schools retain a record of student work, reduce lab costs and eliminate personal injury risks from traditional labs.


"I am deeply impressed with your wonderful Smart Science® education program."

"Smart Science® labs have the feel of exploratory, creative thinking so important for a young person to experience."

— Dr. Geoffrey W. Marcy
Professor of Astronomy
University of California, Berkeley

Paul Terzano, AP Chemistry
High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology
Brooklyn, NY

How it works

Smart Science® online hands-on labs provide outstanding science education.

  • Inexpensive and efficient STEM education.
  • Built-in scientific inquiry facilitating student discovery of science.
  • Online hands-on real experiments, not simulations.
  • Online lab reports, easy to write and grade.
  • Archive of lab reports obtained with a simple mouse click.
  • Retention of lab reports and all student work for 5 years.
  • Differentiated reading levels