Science is all about the excitement of discovery.

Technology underlies the Smart Science Education experience.

Engineering is designing and understanding procedures.

Mathematics forms the basis for data analysis.

Richard Feynman
Linus Pauling


Smart Science Education

is more than just S T E M.

It's S T E M I C ™.

What STEMIC™ is

STEMIC means learning for our new global age

  • STEMIC stands for
    • Science
    • Thinking
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics
    • Innovation
    • Communication
  • Science is about finding out
  • Engineering is about designing things
  • Mathematics is about understanding the virtual world of numbers
  • Thinking is crucial and has three STEMIC parts
    • Rigorous thinking - comes with mathematics
    • Critical thinking - comes with science
    • Creative thinking - comes with engineering
  • Communication is about passing along information and has three STEMIC parts
    • Written communication - reading and writing
    • Oral communication - listening and speaking
    • Visual communication - seeing and creating visual media
  • Innovation is the capstone of STEMIC

How it works

When you use these virtual labs online,
you have important features.

  • Provide inexpensive and efficient STEMIC™ education.
  • Scientific inquiry built in — students discover science
  • Scientific thinking built in — promotes critical thinking
  • Real experiments, not simulations — the new virtual lab
  • Students analyze and understand their own personal data
  • Differentiated reading and mathematics levels
  • Built in online lab reports — for communication
    • Retain all student work for review and reporting
    • Archive with a simple mouse click
    • Write and grade easily
  • Combine traditional hands-on and interactive videoed experiments
  • Based on technology, uses technology, incorporates technology