Beyond Learning — How to Think!

Improves Test Scores

Smart Science® experiential science lessons are your best STEM science activities, providing a complete learning experience that includes online science labs (aka virtual science labs) that deliver better learning than most traditional wet labs.

Smart Science Education Inc. provides you with great science investigations including online science labs for middle school, online science labs for elementary school, online science labs for high school, online science labs for advanced placement, and online science labs for college.

Be in tune with the NGSS by adding Smart Science® lessons into your classes. Make your work easier, and improve student success.

Key Features of Smart Science Lessons

Real Experiments

with hands-on measurement create a powerful STEM resource.


hypotheses help students understand how to do science.

Hybrid Lessons

combine videoed and DIY explorations for powerful learning.

Built-In Scientific

inquiry facilitates student discovery of science.

HTML5 Empowers

mobile learning, BYOD, and non-uniform computing devices.

Lesson Assessments

and online reports that are easy to write and to grade.

Reading, Writing, & History

deliver a full learning experience.


reading and mathematics for grades 3-13.